Is It Worth It?

Whether you are updating with the intent to sell, or just freshening up your living space, it is important to differentiate between renos that have a good ROI and renos that will not see a return in the future.

We often hear that "Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes", indicating that renovations in these rooms will give you the highest return on your investment. But what are some of the smaller projects you can do to give yourself a new sense of space, and appeal to potential buyers?

  • Upgrade Appliances ~ making sure all appliances coordinate and are in good working order is an important, yet relativley low cost maintnenance project
  • Update Cabinets ~ changing cabinet doors or even painting kitchen cupbaords can freshen up the space without straining your budget
  • New Flooring ~ Updating old or worn flooring can be the perfect way to make your home feel new again
  • Fresh Paint ~ It is amazing what clean walls and a fresh coat of paint can do!
  • New Baseboards/Trim ~ Updating baseboards and trim can make a home look more modern and clean
  • Replace Tiles ~ Whether it is bathroom tiles or backsplash, replacing these with new designs that appeal to a broader audience can be an inexpensive update with a ream impact

There are other updates that are not simply aesthetic, but important to the overall maintenacne to your home and these should not be overlooked. These include items like your furnace, shingles plumbing etc.

Talk to your Realtor®️ for more guidance on renovating or updating before selling. As a professional, we can help you determine where you will see the most return and which items will be best left for the new owners to tackle!

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